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Previous Questions
Sally H. Does a car registered to the new keeper in Oct08 qualify?

No. Cars have to be registered for 12 months before the registered keeper is eligible.
Elaine I have a 1997 ford escort van. Will this type of vehicle be eligible for the scheme?

Yes. All LCVs less than 3.5T are included in the Scheme.
D.T. Does the scrappage scheme extend to euro4 compliant vans?

Yes. All LCVs less than 3.5T are included in the Scheme.
John Would the car to be scrapped have to have an MOT or not?

John B. Will I be able to scrap a ten year old Ford Fiesta van for a Fiesta car?

Paul U. Can I buy a ten year old car for hundred quid and trade it in for the 2 grand discount?

No. You will need to provide proof of ownership for one year.
Roger S. My wife and I both have a car over ten years old purchased when two years old. I have now retired and we only need one car. Can we claim for both cars under the scrappage scheme against one new car?

Only one scrappage allowance will be possible for one purchase of a new car. In your situation you could purchase two new cars with a total of a £4000 discount.