What is Scrappage?
Scrappage is defined as the practice of scrapping something and in the context of end of life vehicles this is the deregistering of cars with DVLA.

What is a Scrappage Scheme?
It is a method for boosting the economy and reducing CO2 emissions by incentivising consumers to swap their old "gas-guzzler" for an environmentally friendly new car.

What old vehicles does it apply to?
Must be a car or small van weighing up to 3,500kg, first registered in the UK on or before 31 July 1999, currently registered or have a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) with the DVLA in your name, have been registered to you continuously for 12 calendar months before the order date of the new vehicle, have a UK address on the registration certificate (V5C), have a current MOT test certificate before date of order for the new vehicle

What new vehicles are included?
A car or small van weighing up to 3,500 kg, first registered in the UK on or after mid May 2009, declared new at first registration in the UK with no former keepers

Are nearly new cars included?

What is a Certificate of Destruction?
A CoD is produced when an approved scrap-yard deregisters a vehicle with the DVLA. The CoD can only be produced by ELV scrap-yards registered to do this by the Environment Agency. This will be used by the car dealership to reclaim the discount from the government.